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Sponging on the fly

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From: Rex cox 

Having followed the threads about "Sponging on the Fly", we down here in Australia feel as though you don't quite have your priorities right.

Our horses need for water is so great, we have been carrying light rope with a blunted hook to catch buckets of water for our "horses on the fly". 

Water is so scarce that we have to get our crew to take water out on course <grin) in buckets. As we get along we catch the bucket with the hook and string, hoist it up, and hold it out in front of the horse so the horse can "drink on the fly". Some of our riders are so skilled they can catch two buckets at the same time using two hooks. One hazard exists for this method. Light weight riders tend to overbalance and fall forward with overweight buckets of water.

Some of our riders even wear buckets for helmets and they take the bucket of to catch extra  water. Any water left over is tipped back on the riders head as they reposition the bucket (helmet).(grin)

We have not been able to find a sponge large enough to effectively sponge a horse in the way you describe

Yes sir.. Australia is a wide dry barren land, full of Bull#!%# (grin)

Rex Cox

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