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RE: Sponging Clinic

	If we're going to get tossed off of RideCamp, Truman, then I must
quickly interject that the most famous Lynda-with-a-Y is Lynda Carter,
a.k.a. "Wonder Woman."  Thus, I propose we pattern the Sponge Slingin
Champeenships off of televised "professional" wrestling matches and call it,
"Wonder Woman vs. Little Mama."  Whatcha think?  Will it sell tix?  We can
donate the money to AERC...

Lynda Corry

-----Original Message-----
From: Truman Prevatt []
Sent: Tuesday, October 20, 1998 9:14 AM
To: Corry, Lynda H.
Cc: 'Becky Huffman'; ridecamp;;
Subject: Re: Sponging Clinic

Corry, Lynda H. wrote:

>         Thank you, Becky.  This is truly an honor and I assure you I will
> my utmost for the Great State which has adopted me.
>         Actually, I'm half German -- thus the "pit-bull-like" tenacity.
> one of the lurkers out there informed me (and you know who you are...), I
> NEVER give up (don't bother quoting any James Bond movie titles either,
> Ang).

We knew you were probably a least part fereign since no self repecting
Southeastern girl spells Linda any other way than Linda.  Half German and
Texan is about as fereign as one can get <g>. .................

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