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In addition to what you describe, he may have ulcers and it could be that
some Cimetidine or Ranitidine may help. I know someone who also uses
Pepto Bismol to coat the stomach before showing. As far as gut flora go,
you might want to try yogurt and/or some sort of yeast in your feed to
help out and also some type of very mild diet. 
He could be endoscoped to see if ulcers might be a problem, this can
cause some of the symptoms you describe that might be separate from the
colic symptoms he shows. We had a TB that did this if he got stressed in
any way. He would colic if my MOM left for the weekend! It always
resolved and finally we turned him out in a pasture with a good quality
hay and he has not colicked since. He is now being ridden successfully
and will probably be shown in hunters. 
Anyway, just another opinion.
Gwen Dluehosh DVM
On Sat, 10 Oct 1998 14:46:02 -0700 "Steph Teeter" <> writes:
><this query is being forwarded for Sheri Thompson - please send
>responses to the ridecamp list so that she can view them through
>the archives. thanks, Steph>
>>Message:  My horse was on antibiotics on two separate occassions to 
>up a
>>scratches infection.  Both times while on the antibiotics while 
>>an endurance ride or training on a long ride he colicked (gas colic). 
> I
>>told by several veterinarians that the antibiotics had killed off my 
>>gut flora  (the good stuff) and now he has only gas producing 
>bacteria (the
>>bad stuff) in his gut.  My horse is now on large amounts of 
>probiotics and
>>Forco.  I am looking for anyone with any similar experiences that 
>>me or ease the mystery with this problem.  I let my horse rest for 4 
>>after the second gas colic episode (with only turn outs and hand 
>>then I started him back slowly (riding-walking only-about 4 miles 
>every 2-3
>>days) and after the first week of starting him back, when he felt 
>>I let him trot a little but 24 hours later he acted slightly 
>>i.e. popping his lips together, yawning-all the usuaal signs he shows 
>>is a little gassy.  So I am now letting him rest again for 2-3 weeks 
>and I
>>will start riding him at a walk again.  Can anyone that has ever had 
>>problem tell me how long it took their horse to recover totally and 
>>did to help the horse recover from this problem.  Any information 
>>this would be greatly appreciated.
>>Thank you,
>>Sheri Thompson

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