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Re: Trails Symposium

Thanks, we need all the information we can get!!!!

Teddy wrote:

> In a message dated 98-10-09 18:44:34 EDT, you write:
> <<  at least let the
>  care-takers of OUR forests know what we want and how we feel about using
>  OUR forests. >>
> I have spoken to several of the NFS planners re: the Ocala NF.( the management
> plan is currently being reviewed.)  I have been told they wish to  delete
> cross-country travel and limit trails which can be used, for horses and all
> others.  The forest is currently accessed from anywhere one can drive a
> hunting vehicle off the road and I understand NFS' overall desires.  However
> the official marked horse trails are 40, 40 , & 20 miles and do not even begin
> to address 3/4 of the forest land ( or experience).  Due to the fact, that the
> 20 mile trail is the shortest it is the one used the most. (Recreational
> riders not endurance training riders) Also, it is a clearly marked trail (due
> to the efforts of the local equestrian group).  There are plenty of trails
> thanks to the off-road vehicles, however the many equestrians not famliar with
> the forest will not just go off on their own, hence the major damage done to a
> few trails.  This causes NFS to conclude that equestrains are overusing the
> trails, they were not on the trail the day I came around the corner and darn
> near ate the handlebars of a motorcylce for lunch!!  We are all stewards of
> the land, we are all entitled to the enjoyment of the public lands, and
> balance will be a delicate issue.
> Thanks for letting me sound-off as I will be inable to attend the Symposium
> but fel Vickie, Betsy, Helen, Teddy, and the many others going will guard our
> interest well.  May the Trail Gods be with you....
> Jackie Baker
> Florida

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