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L Eisele wrote:
> tags...on my bridles, and
> saddles with name and phone number etc....
> Great in case your horse runs off without you and if you get
> seriously hurt, help can call your home.

I went a step further than this (not, of course that I'm 
paranoid in any way...). 

I made up some cards with my name, address, and telephone 
number on it, plus other contact numbers of friends who live 
near to various places I'm likely to be riding ("Please phone 
the following numbers if horse is found in vicinity of 
Sacramento (barn tel #), Georgetown (friend's telephone 
number), Cool (another friend's number)"). 

I also put the name and number of a local vet with the 
intention of contacting them and making sure they had a 
signed declaration from me, saying that they could euthanize 
the horse/treat the horse if necessary (assuming I'd still 
be wandering around in the woods, and the horse turned 
up with bad injuries without me). Of course, typically, I
haven't followed through with that, so that vet clinic has 
never even heard of me. I need to do that.

My company routinely makes up company badges for people, 
so they have a mini encapsulating machine, which I borrowed
and sealed my cards in plastic to make them waterproof. They 
are about the size of a luggage tag (could be smaller, though).

I have one on my saddle, one in my saddle bag (in case
the other one gets ripped off) and one on my person, in
case I'm unconscious...

Like I said, it's not like I'm paranoid or anything... much.
Lucy Chaplin Trumbull -
Repotted english person in Sacramento, CA

with Mouse and Provo

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