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Re: Poetry's Fantasy Flight

i must offer a strong second to melinies  comments about john lyons.

i have been working his methods for about a year now.. have spoke before
about well i have been able to connect with my new young arab-- and  a
very hard 16 yr old i raised  and trained and conditioned.

she was getting so bad that carol stopped riding her.. ran away  rearing
spinning  etall after she got fit again after a few years off.

i took he back and she almost wrecked me and really scared me too.. i
created a monster  by letting her race many years ago--wilder days etc..
and felt i could manage her.. ha
the romper stopper bit worked for about a week. then after a wild run
down the mtn.. i put her up for all last winter.. too much for me now..

in nov i spent a week with mr john and my new horse -which was getting
fit and out of control also.. now can roll a peanut at the trot..and do
more dressage move with one rein  then he did when i bought him  he was
suppose to be a 1st level dressage horse --NOT 

we have come along way  -- its OMNI-- for those that have been following
our ordeals..

the horse FAME after 3 months of slow dedicated work every day.. has
done quite well this year.. in fast 25 milers and 4 50 milers
under full control and well mannered..

yes --it-- the jl methods-- does infact work on ALL horses all the
time.. IF IF executed correctly-- you MUST follow he directions to the
dont rush it  and go back to the basics when things go wrong.

you need the video tapes and the audio tape.

all our horses now have learned to 'give to the bit'  give to pressure 
a very un-natural act-- 
they all -4-  have stopped pulling back when tied and learned to 'spook
in place'
i have NOT tried any other method-- why should i -this one works great..

the week with john was the best horse training lesson i had in the past
25 years..

the 3 people that have impressed me the most - and offered me the most
direction- education  --in my long endurance life
John Lyons- TRAINING
Donna Synder Smith- RIDING

While I not a big time rider  I am indebted to these --

roger r

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