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Re: Trailering

Kathie, You really need to consider how your horse hauls. If you have a 
2 horse bumper pull, a 1000 lb horse that's moving around a lot can 
really start your trailer whipping. Not a good idea when being passed by 
a semi for instance. The dividers can prevent a horse from being thrown 
around as much if you have to brake unexpectically, too. I think it's 
still better to stop & unload on that long of a haul. 
Nancy Mitts
CIW Trailers
>Subject: Trailering
 > I have to trailer my horse to a ride in a few weeks which is at least 
>     8 hours away.  A friend of mine suggested that I take the 
>     out of my two horse trailer and let the horse loose in there 
>     it into something like a stock trailer.  She said that way I 
>     won't have to stop, and it's better on his legs.  She said that 
>     of hers does it all the time.  Has anybody done this before?  
   Kathie Duggan & Brios 

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