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Dropping Pulse

Last weekend I rode the Lake Louisa 25 CTR (very pretty ride and very
well managed, btw).  It was also VERY hot and humid.  Although my mare
drank quite well along the way she was slightly dehydrated (not bad just
a little) at the finish.  What I am interested in finding out is if that
is related to her dropping pulse rate (I read somewhere that it can
be).  At the first vet stop her pulse was 56, at the second, it was 54,
at the end it was 48 pre-trot out and 40 post trot out.  I attributed
this to her calming down and getting focused after being raring to go
the first 13 miles. Her pulse rate is typically low, can be in the
thirties after 20 miles for instance.  Thoughts on this?

Also thanks to the people that recommended Desitin for heat chaffing,
that really helped!!

Karen Gehringer
Ormond Beach, Fl

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