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saddle database questions

I have just finished setting up a new e-mail account and am trying to determine if it works.  Would someone please send me a response to this message to let me know if it was received?
On another note:  How do I obtain access to the database about saddles that has been collected.  I want to buy a new (or used) saddle and wanted to read through the database.
Does anyone know the difference between the WINTEC PRO ENDURANCE and the WINTEC ENDURANCE SPORT.  Do you know anyone who has or does use either saddle and do they like them?
Finally, do a great number of people ride in dressage saddles, or do you find that after so many miles they become uncomfortable.
Patience, patience:  I know all of this has been addressed before, and I did search the archives but surprisingly didn't find much (maybe I wasn't searching right). 
One last thing:  does anyone know if Cathy Adair is still on here?  If so I'd like to talk to her, or if someone knows her e-mail address I'd appreciate having it....thanks!!
Dianna Orona

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