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Re: Another Overnight Stabling Guide

Linda B. Merims wrote:
> Just this past week I discovered to my chagrin that Bruce McAllister's
> North American Horse Travel Guide has gone out of print....

It's nowhere near as ambitious as the Travel Guide, but Nat and I provide a
small and growing resource for interstate travellers with horses on our website

Our focus is to promote places, like our own, in North America that you can stop
overnight with your horses without having to leave them and go looking for a
motel.  Many of these places are actually better as destinations than as
stopovers.  Ours happens to work for both.

We also include a handy link to the TravelNet database on 
( ) that is mainly self-listed private
individuals who have a spare paddock or two and a place to park your motorhome
in a pinch.

Between these two resources, you may be able to map a better route from A to B,
or even discover some place to go for the weekend that you didn't know about

Neither our list nor that on charges for being listed.

/richard,  NatBarn Webguy

    Natalie's Barn & Breakfast -- a B&B for Horses ...and their Riders  530-637-4644 or Toll Free: 1-877-NATBARN
   Also, visit the Official Tevis Cup Site,

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