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Riderless horses at Manzanita

Nicco asked about seeing two riderless horses come into vet check one - one
ponied, one not.  the ponied horse was my son Kris' Gydion.  About mile 3, Gyd
did one of his shy right, shy left, check 180 degrees behind for monsters,
then face forward again.  Kris survived most, but not all of this silliness
and ended up butt first in a cholla cactus.  got back on, but by mile 6, those
cholla spines were working their way into tender flesh.  As we crossed McCain
Valley road, all the volunteer help was driving down the road to vet one.  My
other junior's (Emily) parents stopped to check on her, and ended up taking
Kris into Vet one.  I ponied the horse in.  There you have the answer to one
of the mysteries.

Alison Farrin
San Diego, Ca

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