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Conditioning on Gravel Roads

+ADwAIQ-DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC +ACI--//W3C//DTD W3 HTML//EN+ACIAPg- +ADw-HTML+AD4- +ADw-HEAD+AD4- +ADw-META content+AD0AIg-text/html+ADs- charset+AD0-utf-7+ACI- http-equiv+AD0-Content-Type+AD4- +ADw-META content+AD0-'+ACI-MSHTML 4.71.1712.3+ACI-' name+AD0-GENERATOR+AD4- +ADw-/HEAD+AD4- +ADw-BODY bgColor+AD0AIw-ffffff+AD4- +ADw-DIV+AD4APA-STRONG+AD4APA-FONT color+AD0AIw-000080 face+AD0AIg-GoudyOlSt BT+ACI- size+AD0-4+AD4-Hi out there--I'm a newbie, so pardon me if I'm asking a question that's been asked and answered innumerable times.+ACY-nbsp+ADs- Since I work full time my rides during the week consist of heading down the gravel road.+ACY-nbsp+ADs- Otherwise, by time I load up the trailer and drive to a trailhead, it is time to come on home again.+ACY-nbsp+ADs- Don't mind doing it on my days off, but not very productive during the week.+ACY-nbsp+ADs- With winter coming here, and the weather guesser guy says it'll be a hard one and of course we know they could never be wrong, this may be a moot point anyway until spring, but then you never really know, do you?+ACY-nbsp+ADs- Any comments would be appreciated.+ACY-nbsp+ADs- I sure don't want to hurt my boy and would rather just trail ride and amble down the road than risk that.+ACY-nbsp+ADs- Thanks.+ACY-nbsp+ADs- Buddy's Mom+ADw-/FONT+AD4APA-/STRONG+AD4APA-/DIV+AD4APA-/BODY+AD4APA-/HTML+AD4-

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