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Re: Proud Flesh - Again!

     I would recommend using Schreiber's Herbal Solution.  I use it 
     on all of my horses, and I have never had proud flesh, or 
     scarring.  My 2 year old gelding had a trailer head injury that 
     needed stitches, and the vet told me it would leave a scar, so I 
     trie this stuff and it really works well!  I also have an 18 
     year old mare that had proud flesh and after using this stuff 
     for a week, it cleared up and now you can't even see where it 
     was...try this it works!    
     Schreiber's Herbal Solution    1-800-223-4325
     Restoration Products Co.
     P.O. Box 1210
     The Dalles, OR  97058
     Good Luck!
     Jenni  8^)

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Subject: Proud Flesh - Again!
Date:    10/3/98 11:21 PM

I just skimmed over the proud flesh posts because I have older geldings 
who just don't get into trouble anymore, and new fencing - all nice 
treated posts and three strands of nice, tight high tensile wire.
Of course, now that I need to read those posts, I've been too quick to 
hit the Delete key, and the archives won't let me see September!
I called the horses in tonight, and heard a Cccrrreeeaaakkk, THWANG! One 
horse came trotting in, then the other two. They headed into their 
stalls and started eating their grain. Check them over - oops, blood 
running down #1's leg. Deep inverted V-shaped cut on front left just 
above the fetlock. Call vet at 11:30 pm. Of course he is sleeping. 
Luckily for me (and him) he is only 3 miles away. Half an hour after the 
incident leg is stitched up and bandaged. Stall rest for a few days to 
try to keep stitches in place.
After all the talk about proud flesh, I am now in the position to start 
keeping it minimal from scratch (no pun intended). Do stitched wounds 
(where the stitches actually stay in) develop enough proud flesh that I 
would need to worry about it? I will be changing the dressing (gauze pad 
and vetwrap) twice a day. The wound is very clean. Should I put anything 
on it, or just the gauze?
Anybody ever see how these V-shaped lacerations are caused by 
high-tensile? I can't understand how it could have happened.
Kelli (checking fence in the morning)
and Crockett (confined to box stall) and Bay (why do I have to stay in?)

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