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Re: Michigan Rescue

Jo Harper (mjo@navix.net)
Wed, 31 Dec 1997 01:22:27 -0600

>I have to say... holy cow. I saw the horses on the news here last
>night... I nearly lost it. I could NOT believe the condition these
>animals were in - APPALLING & CRIMINAL!


you and others then might be glad to see this post to Equine Rescue ...
wow! =20

Way to go, Sharon!

Just wanted to share this with you all. I wanted to help with the horses in
Michigan, but since my funds are low I had to find another way. Well, I=
out emails letting horse people, businesses and horsey groups know about the
problem. Here is the reply I received:=20

<<Thank You for bring this to our attention!!! We at Cyberhorse and Cyber
Horse Auction have been compelled to participate. >>

And help they have. The following is a portion of what they have put on=

"The following news article was submitted to us recently. We receive tons=20
of email every day but this one touched us in the deepest way. Once you=20
read it you will understand. Cyber Horse Auction will be donating 5% of=
proceeds from the December & January Sale to this cause. If you're not
interested in any of the horses in these sales,=A0 please make a donation.=
If you have been considering putting a horse in our sale now is the time."

To see what they are doing to help, please go to their website at the
following link.=20



Horsefaces National Fundraising Chairman

Jo Harper & Guy=20
mjo@navix.net -- ICQ # 3596210
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