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Re: Dangerous Filly Update & Request

SSY (polstar@hutchtel.net)
Tue, 30 Dec 1997 07:05:27 -0600

Dear Jo

I am curious, who is taking the responsibility for this horse now? Who is
(we)? Who owns it? Is this a rescue attempt? Are the owners paying to
having it trained? Do they want the horse back? Did some one talk the
owners into keeping the horse? Is it yours now? What is the owner trying
to decide? Was a complete VET check done?

These questions are NOT meant to be sarcastic. I am confused about your

When I take on a rescue situation I own the horse and the bills.........
even if in the end the horse is placed free of charge........ that is the
commitment part.

What is the commitment of (we), The owners, The trainers.

Help me understand your post........


As was posted a few weeks ago, my server is changing so my new address is
some what the same.

polstar@ll.net (when posting to the list will you also post me privately
to make sure it is delivered to me.) There is a few problems changing over
yet. Thanks.........................


>For those of you following the story of the "Dangerous Filly" who's barn
>person said she wanted her out of there in a month or else dogmeat:
>It looks as though we may have found a rehab place and a quality rehab
>person for her. The filly's owner is trying to decide. One of the issues
>in this will be to get the horse from Michigan to Kentucky, for which I'm
>told "The trip is 7 hours and 39 minutes === 370 miles. An easy one day
>..of daytime work."
>So, of the many who have indicated they cared about this horse, who it
>seems isn't quite so nutso as to indicate an ovarian tumor, but rather
>seems to need rehabbing to learn behavior and manners ... are there any out
>there who might be able to transport this girl to NE Kentucky? Or any who
>know of good but reasonably priced transport services who could fill the
>Thanks for your help ~
>Jo Harper & Guy
>mjo@navix.net -- ICQ # 3596210
>Guy's Page: http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Acres/8620
>Horsefaces Volunteer: http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Acres/9060/

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