ridecamp@endurance.net: Re: Dangerous Filly Update & Request

Re: Dangerous Filly Update & Request

Zebella (zebella@idt.net)
Tue, 30 Dec 1997 12:08:17 -0700

Jo Harper wrote:
that the horse is not only not
> ridable but also nearly unhandleable as it now is.
appeals for help go out. My request for transport assistance/advice

Hmmm, may I add a few thoughts here? Ok, we have an unmanagable filly
that needs to be transported several states......how many folks are
gonna offer their trailer to be possibly damaged? How exactly are you
planning to get the horse INTO the trailer? (John Lyon's tape actually
does have a section on how to load an untouchable horse BTW) I would
highly recommend that you stick to stock type trailers, but that's just
my opinion.

There is the added problem that if more than one person is transporting
her, she will have to be loaded and unloaded several times.

How are you going to transport her in the trailer without her injuring
herself? (And that's the BIG one!) Won't do much good to get her in the
trailer if she's all cut up when she arrives....I bet stitching her up
would be no fun either. Does she tie? If you leave her loose to haul, I
bet it will be interesting.

> generated by my remaining concern for the situation ... according to a
> knowledgeable rehabber it seems that here we have a thoroughly
> but the rehabber lives a couple of states away. My concern to find
> transport assistance/advice is to forestall the owner saying "well ....

If you cross state lines, the horse must have a coggins and a health
certificate. Can the vet get close enough to her without the vet or
someone else being hurt? No animal is worth getting seriously hurt
over. Drawing the blood for the coggins is gonna be the fun one. I
suppose if there was a stock chute available to run her into it would

I'm not trying to be the voice of doom here, but I do hope everything is
thought out.........


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