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whats new No 10

Tue, 30 Dec 1997 11:23:31 PST

What's new No 10
All the best for the new year….

I trust that your health will keep pace with your level of training and fitness.

Smart Edge
In the last issue of "Whats new" I said I would provide you with more details of this exciting new product from Polar Electro Oy. Here it is so you can judge for yourself....

Polar Electro's latest heart rate monitor, SmartEdge, increases the effectiveness of exercise while providing a tangible way to measure and enjoy its benefits. During the warm-up period, SmartEdge HRM automatically calculates a safe and effective exercise heart rate zone, the OwnZone, for its user. At the same time, the heart rate monitor guides the user through an appropriate warm-up routine. SmartEdge HRM's OwnCal feature counts calories accumulated during the exercise session. OwnCal takes into account the fact that during exercising, calories are consumed at different rates by persons of different physical condition, age, and body weight.

The individual heart rate zone during exercise periods, the OwnZone, corresponds to the intensity level of so-called aerobic exercise in the majority of adults. Exercising within the OwnZone is enjoyable and effective, whether the individual seeks improved fitness or a slimmer figure.

The OwnZone is determined in 2-10 minutes during the warm-up routine. Instructions on SmartEdge HRM's display guide the user through a warm-up exercise routine that gradually increases the intensity of physical exertion.

To cite a practical example, those interested in running should first begin their exercise session with a relaxed stroll, then continue walking at a slightly brisker pace, finally increasing their speed by gradual stages until they have reached a comfortable jogging speed. SmartEdge HRM's automatically determined effective heart rate zone, the OwnZone, appears on the monitor s display within a few minutes. The heart rate monitor's audible alarm warns the user during the exercise period if his or her heart rate has exceeded or fallen below OwnZone limits.

Sophisticated technology, yet easy to use..

Polar Electro's SmartEdge heart rate monitor would not have been possible without years of extensive research and development cooperation between leading Finnish and international research institutes. The results seamlessly combine the advantages of sophisticated technology with a deep understanding of the interrelationships between the heart rate and human health.

OwnZone determination is based on changes in heart rate variability that occur with increase in exertion. At rest, the heart does not beat at a stable rate, the interval between beats varies. When exertion increases, the heart rate quickens. Simultaneously, the variation between heart beats decreases. When this variation disappears, SmartEdge HRM knows that the user has entered his or her OwnZone area.

Individual physiological differences and daily changes in physical condition or state of mind may sometimes produce a condition where heart rate variability measurement is unable to determine a target zone. In these cases, SmartEdge HRM employs either OwnZone values determined earlier or establishes OwnZone by the age-based maximum heart rate formula (220-age).

The right heart rate automatically

There are many reasons to exercise. Improved cardiovascular fitness, weight control, or stress management are but a few examples. SmartEdge HRM has been designed to assist and motivate health-conscious individuals to achieve their personal fitness objectives.

The heart rate announces when exercise is at its most efficient. SmartEdge HRM's OwnZone is an extremely precise and convenient way to ensure that the heart rate remains within effective and safe limits. SmartEdge HRM unerringly recognises the signals sent from the heart and automatically takes them into account in its heart rate determinations.

OwnZone can be determined as often as you want

If desired, the user may even determine his or her effective and safe OwnZone heart rate area during the warm-up of every exercise session. This is particularly advisable in cases when exercising conditions have clearly changed, or if the user feels that his or her physical condition is somewhat different from its normal state.

SmartEdge HRM always retains the last determined OwnZone in its memory so that zone determination is not needed unless the user considers it necessary.

Polar recommends that the user specify his or her OwnZone at least every second week and at a minimum, once a month. Determination is easily accomplished by carrying out the simple instructions provided by the monitor, followed by a low-intensity warm-up exercise routine lasting a few minutes. In other cases, SmartEdge HRM uses OwnZone values determined earlier or calculates heart rate limits based on the user's age.

OwnCal counts calories for you
SmartEdge HRM's OwnCal feature begins calculating calorie consumption immediately when the user has achieved his or her OwnZone area. If the OwnZone feature is calibrated according to age, calculations for calorie consumption begin when the heart rate exceeds one hundred beats per minute. OwnCal measures consumption from each separate exercise period and stores data from previous exercise sessions in its memory. In that way, the OwnCal feature also enables the user to observe how many calories have been consumed during, for example, a one-week exercise period.

It is particularly in the OwnZone heart rate area that calories are consumed most effficiently. OwnCal also operates when OwnZone heart rate limits are not in use. OwnCal switches on when the heart rate exceeds one hundred beats per minute.

OwnCal understands heart rate, body weight, gender and duration

Body weight, gender, heart rate and duration of exercise are factors that affect the amount of energy consumed during exercise periods.

For example, when walking briskly (about 6 km/h), a person weighing 60 kilos consumes about five calories per minute. To burn off the 150 calories contained in a small piece of cake, a person weighing 60 kilos should walk briskly for half an hour. An individual weighing 100 kilos needs only a 20-minute walk to expend the same number of calories.

OwnCal takes the factors affecting individual calorie consumption into account. The OwnCal feature also makes it easy to compare the effectiveness with which different forms of exercise expend energy. The basic rule is that the larger the amount of muscle groups used during exercise, the more calories are consumed.

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

1. What's so special about the Polar SmartEdge?

For a long time, scientists have known that regular exercise makes you fitter and healthier. But to really feel the cardiovascular benefits of exercise you need to work hard enough - getting your heart rate into a target zone and keeping it there.

Unlike other heart rate monitors! the Polar SmartEdge pin-points your target heart rate zone automatically There are no calculations, All you have to do is let the SmartEdge find your OvvnZone using information it picks up directly from your heart. While you stay in the OwnZone, the SmartEdge will help you exercise at a light-moderate intensity - perfect for improving your general health and fitness,

2. Sounds clever. How does it do work?

The SmartEdge does more than monitor how fast your heart is beating. It also measures the tiny variations between heart beats known as heart rate variability or HRV. At rest, all of us have an individual HR's. As your heart works harder, however, it beats more and more evenly - until there is barely any variation and the HRV becomes undetectable.

The lower limit of your OwnZone is set at the point where your HRV is practically zero. The upper limit is 30 beats per minute (bpm) higher. While you stay in the OwnZone, the SmartEdge will ensure you get the light-to-moderate exercise that is perfect for improving general health and fitness.

3 How is the OwnZone related to other ways of working out heart rate target zones?

You may have heard of a way of identifying a heart rate target zone based on the maximum heart rate formula, the lower limit of your OwnZone will generally be about 65% of your maximum heart rate and the upper limit around 85/e your Mhr, OwnZone, however, is individual to you and your heart. It will vary from day to day depending on your physical and mental well-being. The maximum heart rate, meanwhile, is based on an average for your age group,

4. Does the SmartEdge always calculate my OwnZone using heart rate variability?

No. Sometimes, if you warm up too fast or if your SmalfEdge transmitter can not detect the heart beat changes the SmartEdge will not be able to accurately measure your HR\/. It will then calculate an OwnZone using your last OwnZone reading or provide an age-related OwnZone.

If you would like to know more about this revolutionary product, please respond and we can email the complete FAQ’s for Smart Edge.

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