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bottle fed mare

Fri, 26 Dec 1997 07:28:54 -0800 (PST)

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From: jan
Email: dpfreed@webtv.net

I have been interested to read the posts about the "free filly." On Saturday, I will be looking at a mare as an endurance prospect that had been bottle-raised from the age of two weeks when her mother died. This mare has been sold once and returned because (I was told) she was too agressive toward another horse in her pasture (there were only two.) I saw her handled and led her around with a lead and saw no behaviors that were agressive toward people. However, my visit at that time was brief. I was able to approach her and halter her and lead her out of a pasture where she is currently with four other horses without problem. She was polite and not pushy on the lead. Opinions, please.... will it be obvious if she has agressive/dominant behaviors toward people? I never knew this was a characteristic of bottle-fed foals before but I was told about this potential problem by a friend who has a lot of horse e xperience and it seems to have been confirmed in some of the posts reg
arding the "free filly." Apparently foals need "MOM" around to set limits! Any comments or observations or? would be appreciated. I have a five year old child and don't want him around a disrespectful horse. Thanks, jan

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