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Re: Re: new orthoflex

CSimmons99 (CSimmons99@aol.com)
Mon, 22 Dec 1997 16:59:56 EST

The '92 has a different mount system. The newer models or upgraded panel
system offer a little more flexibility and pivoting in the shoulder and loin
area. There's also a little more clearance between the tree and panels. This
seems to be an advantage for some of the horses that hollow behind the
shoulder, are lower in the back or are doing a lot of bending thru the top
line. The new "numnaa and riding cloth" are now standard issue on Ortho-Flex
saddles. Booties are available but at an additional $138E/$120W.

The numnaa is an english term for pad/blanket. It looks somewhat like a
western round skirted pad and fits the shape of the panels. The riding cloth
is cotton quilt in either square or contoured shape. It fits over the panels
(covering them visually) and extends under the flap giving the saddle a
"traditional" pad look.

Someone once told me, in reference to suede leather seats, "either you slide
in your jeans or your jeans slide on your saddle." Obviously one could become
a little more of a problem. I think that as Ortho-Flex doesnt have control
over how our horses move, that it gives us another option to deal with our
horse's different ways of going.

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