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Mon, 22 Dec 1997 09:41:37 EST

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If it is a muscle brusing would a chiro adjustment help? Do they go
hand in hand? I can't spend close to $100. on an adjustment I don't
know would be the solution. Should I just not ride him for a couple
months, period?

Kimberly (& Mystery the Morab, "back doesn't hurt when I'm grazing, so
just let me graze!")
Black Mountain Ranch, Pt.Reyes, CA >>

A massgae therapist would do more good than a chiropractor initially. A good
massage therapist will tell you if you need a chiropractor. If you hurt your
back, it would take time as well. To help my own back, I use ice
packs...works wonders..reduces inflamation.

Anytime you get white hairs, there is damage...the more white hairs, the more
the damage.

Also, when your horses' back hurt, he carries himself differently (to avoid
pain) and can make his own back sorer....go back to basics...longe him and
watch how he moves. If his back is hollow longing, you KNOW it will be even
MORE hollow when you ride. Get him to stretch his back SLOWLY, but getting
him on the bit and making him ROUND his back...just a little at a
time..stretching sore muscles (already bunched up in pain) can caus teraing of
tissues...that's why a good massage therapist can help...by loostening the
"knots" in the muscles to enable him to stretch withoput pain and tearing of

This is NOT a simple injury. Unattended and improperly treated, chronic back
problems may develop. He doesn't hurt grazing? Maybe not, but at least he is
stretching his back muscles. He will avoid pain, so let him tell you by his
body language what is happening.


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