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National Association of Competitive Mounted Orienteering

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> Subj: Re[2]: CMO
> Date: 97-12-18 09:11:54 EST
> From: brian.latham@Aspinwall.co.uk
> To: cyndi@localaccess.com, jdmilam@fwb.gulf.net
> CC: ridecamp@endurance.net
> We don't have CMOs here in Wales but they sound like the kind of
> competition we could organise in some of the forests. What distances
> are they over and can anyone mail me a set of rules.
> Brian
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> Subject: Re: CMO
> Author: MIME:jdmilam@fwb.gulf.net at UUCP
> Date: 18/12/97 11:31
> Cyndi wrote:
> >
> > Hi, just another lurker with a question. I've seen lots of stuff about
> > endurance and competitive riding but nothing about CMO - don't remember
> > what it stands for but think it's competitive mounted orienteering???? I>
> think?? I have a friend who is doing it but wanted to check it out here>
> because she seems to think she has to race her horse hard, and take
> > chances with her horse's legs, soundness, etc. by racing thru
> > brush/gullies etc. without really looking before she sends her horse
> > thru it. And many of the other people in the club seem to be the same.
> > Is this normal for this type of riding or is it just this club?
> It must be the club. Our CMOs are run by our local Arab Assn and safety
> and fun are the priority here. CMOs came from a military exercise so in
> war, yes you probably would take chances to "find the treasure" you
> wouldn't normally take with your horse. Our CMOs are a great time, but
> never at the risk of safety for you or your horse.
> Find a different group putting them on.
> Susan

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