ridecamp@endurance.net: Re: Oak Springs: The Good, Bad, & the Wet

Re: Oak Springs: The Good, Bad, & the Wet

Lynne Glazer (lglazer@cyberg8t.com)
Tue, 16 Dec 1997 22:49:02 -0800

Hey Myque, turn your word wrap on! <g>

I'm surprised you are refunding the no show/no call people, that's very

Your volunteers were great, and I forgot to mention how welcome it was
(given the nasty weather) to have someone willing to hold my horse EVERY
time I turned to look for help while untying the rump rug, or making
other adjustments. And Eddie seemed to be everywhere at once! Super
job on water availability, my horse's choice of muddy water wasn't for
lack of nice clear barrel sources.

It was nice to finally meet Lauren Horn (stalwart volunteer) and Barb
Thomas (newly transplanted rider).

The Bakersfield folks deserve a pat on the back for braving LA traffic
on a Friday, worse than any ride conditions!

You did a great job, had a wonderful positive attitude throughout which
rubbed off on all the participants. Looking forward to the next one.

and Rem-member Me

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