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Re: Oak Springs: The Good, Bad, & the Wet

SandyDSA (SandyDSA@aol.com)
Wed, 17 Dec 1997 11:31:07 EST

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<< myque@telis.org
I just wanted to remind the list how fortunate we are compared to, say, the
show ring industry - and it is one of course! Well, they don't offer refunds
of any kind. Doesn't matter when you call - once you pay, you have paid. I
THINK a vet's certificate of near death can warrant a refund of the stall fees
but I am not even sur eof that, and then that amount i nowhere near the cost
of showing. Some trainers don't refund fees paid for the privilege of showing
your horse either. So...it seems to me that teh least we can do is provide as
timely notice as possible to the RMs when we are unable to attend a ride. I
personally think that if one is a no-show or calls after the given deadline
for cancellations, then one is not entitled to ANY refund. It surprises me
that anyone would expect a refund under those circumstances. I just don't
beieve it is fair or responsible to just not show up and then ask for your
money back. Ouch!

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