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Wed, 10 Dec 1997 01:12:45 EST

In a message dated 97-12-09 13:32:19 EST, truman.prevatt@netsrq.com writes:

<< Has anyone tried this? Is it going to be distributed outside the Va area -
or are the locals going to have even a biger advantage at the OD?
yep your right.. only from PENFIELD feeds in PA.. so we cant get it..

stuff looks great.. corn is rolled and heated.. very good..
very high fat..

home team advantage..

post note Val K does NOT like it.. uses the 'standard ' Penfield high fat
feed she has been using for years..

Dr Jeannie did indicate she may be able to get it shipped down south.. like
to our place..for resale in the SE...We would be a distributor..and take it to
the rides..
and with our 'big truck' MH we could carry a ton or more..

we may think about it..
If enough SE riders would buy it in enough volume.. it may be worth the
additional shipping costs to have a ton or so shipped by truck???
of course I could get stuck with a pile of grain.. and I would need a place to
store it that is rat free..
I am looking into getting a used Trailer.. like the 30 footers or longer..
that is as in 18 wheeler.. you can get them quite cheap.. and fix them up..
take off the wheels.. etc..

I will talk with Jeannie at the convention.. and maybe call Penfield..
To see just how much I would have to buy.. to make it worth it..

Jeannie and the Crandels use it as well as many from the PA/MD/VA area..

Roger R

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