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Saddle For Sale

Snodgrass, Bonnie (snodgrab@ncr.disa.mil)
Tue, 9 Dec 1997 11:01:00 -0500

For Sale - Bates Caprilli Dressage saddle, 17" seat, wide tree.
This is an older model and is made quite a bit differently than
the new Bates Caprilli dressage saddle I've seen recently. It is
more of an all-purpose type saddle with slightly more forward
flaps. It is great for trail riding because you can shorten your
stirrups up a bit more than you can in a typical dressage saddle.
Very comfortable secure seat, and nice smooth flaps that have a
deep spot for your knees and thighs. It has long billets for a
short dressage girth so there is no bump from bickles under your
legs. It comes with a great new synthetic girth that has elastic
in the center. The saddle has foam filled panels and is a great
fit on a wide, flat back. Not suitable for a curved, swayed type
back. This fit my gelding that had a back like a table top and
mutton withers. Asking $500.00 firm, for saddle, girth and
shipping. Pre-pay and you can try it for a week or two to be sure
it's right.

Bonnie Snodgrass
(301) 246-4934

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