Re: the best

The Vervaet's (
Sun, 30 Nov 1997 14:48:34 -0500

OK....The best is the biothane tack (halter/bridle/reins combo) and the
worst is definitely the Saddle Cinch. A cinching "wonder" that didn't work
at all! After my daughter's saddle fell off her horse and she was nearly
bucked off his rump, I returned it to them. They sent another one that
didn't work! I returned that one and they are IGNORING my contacts. They
have not replaced it or refunded me. Live and learn (the hard way

Hey....this is a great idea! Maybe we can save some other folks the
mistakes we made! I must say however that I use Neoprene girths. They
work well on 3 of my 4 horses, but one does get sores from it. I think it
might have alot to do with the individual horse.