Randall Aldridge (
Tue, 25 Nov 1997 21:00:36 -0600


Just wanted to put my .02 in. My husband has fibromyalgia. He's not a
rider so he doesn't have any problems with that. However making it thru the
work week is sometimes very difficult for him. Strenuous activity & stress
usually have a big effect on him & alot of times he hurts for days
afterward. Ann, I applaud your courage because I know this is a real
frustrating disease to live with.
BTW, fibromyalgia has more to do w/the muscles, not the joints. It has
been described as a muscle inflammatory disease but according to recent
research they think it has a lot to do w/how pain signals are relayed to
the brain. For example, if I hit my toe I would feel pain but my husband
would feel it a lot worse. This is an oversimplification of course because
it's a complicated disease & very mis-diagnosed.
Anyway, enough of this. Sorry it's not endurance related.

Ann, happy trails & do what ever works for you! Also there are a few good
books out about fibromyalgia. If you like to know the names, email me

Khali & Dolce