Re: club feet
Sat, 22 Nov 1997 06:17:42 -0800

Linda S. Flemmer wrote:
> wrote:
> > Has anyone ridden a club foot horse endurance? I have a mare with a mild case. She has good hoof just a mild club. Any experience out there?
> My husband competes in 50's with a TB/QH cross with a clubbed foot.
> With proper care, the horse has done well & stayed sound. We shoe him
> every 5-6 weeks to maintain an optimum foot - a little expensive, but
> well worth it in our opinion.
> I saw you ask Mike about abcesses, also. This hasn't been a problem for
> this horse at all. Unfortunately, he road foundered quite a number of
> years ago. Again, we had & still have an excellent farrier who keeps
> him sound and competing at nearly 16 years old. If the going is going
> to be rocky, we do use Shock Tamer pads to protect him. (His rotation
> was initially 3* and 5* - with correction it is now 1* & 2*!) Shock
> Tamers are the best shock absorbing pad on the market. They have
> different density materials, much like a runner's shoe. Without them,
> we wouldn't still be competing on Major.
> Get the best farrier you can, then feed him, pay on time, send birthday
> & Christmas cards... he's the most important person in your horse's
> career other than you!
> Good Luck!
> Linda Flemmer
> Blue Wolf Ranch
> Bruceton Mills, WV

Thanks Linda,
I just purchased the mare a month ago and didn't think it would be a
problem, but I had not checked things out. I knew of a champion
carriage horse that was clubbed. She's really doing well now, no more
lameness but until I get more sole developed where the huge hole is, no
riding. My Gelding who competed this last year had to have his feet
trimmed every 51/2 weeks because of growth, I hope that this will work
out for both of them. It's exciting to start a new horse endurance. I
use to work at a feed and tack store. Everyone complained of their
Arabs. Once Mannigan and I started conditioning last year and did our
first ride ever, we both changed. I look forward to working with
Amity(Calamity) and having the same feeling of admiration, respect and
confidence that Mannigan and I have developed this last year. Thank you
for your input. Happy Trails, Bev