lahayward (
Tue, 25 Nov 1997 13:55:36 -0500

Registered Arabian Gelding
5 1/2 yr old - pure crabbet
15.2h BIG
Conditioned on Old Dominon trails
along with basic dressage training.
This horse is very willing, quick
to learn and easy to handle. Would
make a good horse for heavyweight
rider. Must go to good home where
he will be used well. He has done 2
25 mile rides and is ready for some
serious work -- I have too many babies
to train this year and hate to see him
wasted. He has great recoveries! Was
4th in his 1st 25 and top ten and BC in
his second 25. $4,000.00

Lori Hayward
Shenandoah, VA