Re: electrolytes

Kathy Myers (
Mon, 24 Nov 1997 13:43:52 -0800

Lysane wrote:
>I have heard also
>that the paste electrolytes (the ones that come in tubes like
>dewormers) are not permitted at rides and that a rider can only use
>the powder form that dissolves in water. Is this true for all rides
>and if so, why?

Paste electrolytes are OK at Endurance rides. AERC rides have no
such restrictions... maybe figuring that the rider knows better
than the horse whether or not the electrolytes are a good idea.

CTRs restrict the action of "force feeding". Thus, while it is OK
to mix electrolytes into the horse's water (or feed?) at a CTR,
"drenching" or the action of giving paste electrolytes is prohibited.

I'd imagine giving electrolytes to a horse on a 25 mile ride is not
out of the question. But like most things it probably depends. It
depends on the horse (conditioning), on the rider (speed), on the

:) - kat myers
in San Mateo (No.) Ca. with Magnum the TB ex-racer