Re: electrolytes

Teresa Van Hove (
Mon, 24 Nov 1997 14:30:34 +0700


Opinions vary on whether electrolytes are needed for 25 mile
distances. I like to give them to my mare when I do the 25 milers
with her. They are not going to hurt her even if she doesn't
really need them. Paste electrolytes are legal for all distances
in endurance, but have been illegal in some CTR organizations.
In many of these CTR groups you also have to carry everthing you
use during the ride on the horse - so unless your horse will eat
"electrolyte cookies - there are recipes in the archives" you are
pretty much limited to giving electrolytes at camp, either in feed
or water.


> I have come across several articles about electrolytes and would like
> to know what the opinion is on electrolytes for 25 mile distances. Is
> it necessary to supply electrolytes on these rides? I have heard also
> that the paste electrolytes (the ones that come in tubes like
> dewormers) are not permitted at rides and that a rider can only use
> the powder form that dissolves in water. Is this true for all rides
> and if so, why?
> Thanks,
> Lysane and Buck