RE summory Mares versus Geldings

Rob & Kathy Dobrowsky (
Sun, 23 Nov 1997 21:57:48 +0200

I agree with you,I ride a mare and a gelding doing competitive
endurance.The only thing i dissagrree with is both my mare and gelding are
too affectionate and compete for my attention,only I can ride
them,definately one person horses the both of them,they both have there
moments when it comes to shying,the mare shies on the last leg of every
single ride that we have been on,the gelding shies at home normally at the
grass or a rock.I have had other people ride both of them on
occasion,Shanni tries her luck and goes backwards,at a start of a
ride,Lightfoot just goes like hell and frightens the living daylights out
of who ever is on his back.Temprement wise they very similar,calm ,with me
that is.
I still prefer to ride a stalllion and have done so,with no problems at
all,Warparth is the type of horse that knows when its time to
work,stallions also have more stamina than a mare or a gelding.
Anyway thats just some of my thoughts on the matter!
Kathy *Shanni*,*Lightfoot who cant wait for the next season*just want to
run MOM