Re: Summary: Mares vs Geldings

Susan Evans Garlinghouse (
Sun, 23 Nov 1997 11:46:24 -0800 wrote:
> Here are the results from 16 replies on the Mares vs Geldings for
> endurance riding:
> 8 suggested choosing by horse, not by gender
> Reasons in favor of mares:
> they get along well with other horses
> they're smarter than geldings
> they bond more strongly than geldings with rider
> they have more heart, more affectionate, more drive
> they're more alert, spook less, more comfortable as lead horse
> they mature faster mentally than geldings
> they are more interested in self preservation than geldings
> they keep the geldings in line
> they listen better than geldings and are calmer
> they're more careful than are geldings
> they're less nervous when riding alone
> they can have babies which increases their value
> Reasons to not choose mares:
> they're not as predictable as geldings
> they push around geldings
> they're bossier, bitchy
> they're more expensive
> they socialize more than geldings
> their hormonal fluctuations make them difficult when in season
> rider must work harder to get their respect
> they're single person oriented
> they make geldings act silly when all together
> Looks like the vote is that either gender works as long as you like the
> horse. Rebecca

If I knew you weren't specifically talking about horses, I'd say all the
above arguments apply to HUMANS as well! <VBG>

Susan Garlinghouse