buying truck-advice

Wolgram's (
Sat, 22 Nov 1997 13:56:20 -0700

Karen's description of her "dream truck" is exactly like the one my husband
bought me for Christmas with one exception..we went for the 3/4 ton Dodge
Diesel Cummins instead of the 1-ton (better gas mileage, cheaper to license
in our state, cheaper for insurance too), and are extremely satisfied. My
husband is the type that wouldn't own an automatic for pulling heavy loads
if someone gave him one===he's worked on and/or replaced too many automatic
transmissions he says in his short lifetime and you have to add too many
compensating goodes to keep them on the road. Now I'm talking about
pulling heavy loads, which we do. Besides a 20' gooseneck that goes over
10000# when loaded with two horses, 110 gals. of water, and other
equipment, we also haul hay in the summer, about 7-8 tons at a whack on a
big flat bed. I pulled to competitive trail and endurance rides all summer
with this truck (that now has almost 32,000 miles on it), changed the oil
and oil filter every 5,000 miles and it gets about 18-20 empty and about 15
pulling, climbs our BIG mountains here in Colorado like a dream, 50 mph in
4th gear, no problem, when pulling. I love it! Would never own anything
else! Betty from Colorado