Re: Parameters & Endurance Topics

Barbara Madill (
Sat, 22 Nov 1997 09:30:27 -0500 (EST)

At 07:43 AM 11/22/97 EST, you wrote:

> If one wanted to make the criteria tighter, the amount of time allowed
>to reach criteria could be shortened - say to 15 minutes
> instead of the usual 30. Truman's point that once the horse's pulse
>starts to drop it goes on down fairly quickly is what I have
>observed as well. It is how long it 'hangs' before starting to drop that
>seems to differ depending on how he has been stressed.

Yes, I have, too. HAS anyone shortened time allowed? Any
difference in overridden horses?

>Personally, I would be concerned if my fit horse were not down to criteria
in 5 minutes or so -
>and it wouldn't take the ride vet to tell me...

Precisely!!!!! Ride managers wish ALL riders were like you!
>I think the CRI is a great tool for getting a warning that something is
>happening that might not show otherwise as well as an indication
>of how he is being stressed.

Please remember that I've been involved with long distance
competitions since the 60's, when vet's parameters were expressed as
"normal", "high", "good", "stressed", "not lame" --
So, when CRI came along, I was willing to try it, but not too sure
that 4 points after 100 yards could really mean that much, until I was
judging a 3 day 100 with Heather Hoyn and we had a horse who'd spiked about
8 points from a 52 on CRI and was still hanging above 64 an hour later.
Superficially, the horse had looked great at his CRI, but at the end of that
hour he was starting to look less than happy. Can't remember whether he
eventually colicked, but that example made me a true believer!

(I queried the rider and discovered that the horse had run a fast
50 the weekend before the 100!)

If you're going to Bethune, have a good ride -- weather for rest of the week
in Carolinas sounds good! Maybe I'll make Osceola!

Barbara Madill (and Larca and Zaim -- we're going to a flat ride? Only thing
flat on this place is the pond!)