Re: CRI, pulses, and our sport!

Lynne Glazer (
Fri, 21 Nov 1997 22:30:54 -0800

>>Horses, as much as we would like to believe, were NOT "designed" for our
purposes. The act of riding is highly unnatural, the horse is built
like a
suspension bridge between the fore and hind legs. The spine is
"designed" to
support the "guts" of the horse as they hang underneath the spine. The
was NOT "designed" to carry weight on top of the spine as well as
support his
entire torso from underneath. But, they get along alright, if we take
consideration their physical limitations.<<

Deb Bennett says otherwise. Have you read any of her discussions of
conformation, either in book form or in Equus?

She discusses the "ring of muscles" that not only permits but optimizes
a horse for being ridden. She makes a very strong case, it's worth
looking into.

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