Re: tank heaters (colic prevention?)

Jacqueline Mansfield (
Wed, 19 Nov 1997 17:10:34 -0700

This thread continues to be non-endurance related, and I run the risk of
getting yelled at by posting this but I am feeling lucky today so I'll take
my chances! <teehee>

<Becky and Teresa's notes snipped>

I recently purchased a water tank heater, plus 100 ft of extension cords
to reach the nearest plug in, to use out at the boarding stable I keep
Winza at. The heater plus the heavy duty extension cords cost me a little
over $60, but I made the decision to buy and use a tank water heater
because I figured that $60 was alot less than I would have to end up paying
the vet if my horse coliced (sp?) or got sick from not drinking enough
water. I am definitely the kind of person who would rather be safe than sorry!

That's it. I will shut up now! = )

Jacqueline Mansfield

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