Stop the Shortie bashing!

Kelly Lynne Nolan (
Tue, 18 Nov 1997 21:10:20 -0500 (EST)

This whole bashing thing going on with "Shorties last ride" is getting a little
rediculus. Someone, who knows who they are, remarked that this is the worst
thing that she's ever heard. Now let's grow up a little! I can hardly remark
to a statement such as that. Think about the last hamburger you ate--that cow
hardly died a peaceful death in the arms of their loving owners.
Unfortunately, life, and even death, doesn't always go just how we would like.
When cruelty is involved then it should be dealt with immediately--but don't
confuse cruelty with just different ways of handling a difficult decision.

Although, if I had to put my mare down, I would have it done on my own
property. But, not everyone would handle everything just as I or any of you
would either. What Shorties owner did, was far, far from cruel. I think she
handled the situation with compassion and maturity, ALTHOUGH, I might have done
it differently, I still cannot even imagine agreeing with some of the rude
comments that some ridecampers posted.

I just can't even believe how immaturely some grown adults handled such a "fact
of life" situation. I can only imagine how badly "shorties" owner must feel
right now, especially after doing what she felt was the "right" thing.

I usually just read the posts, but this time, I had to say something.