Re: Shorties last ride

karen Clanin (
Tue, 18 Nov 1997 14:41:49 -0800 (PST)


Having been in the situation twice this year of having to say goodbye to two
old and very dear equine friends that we had for 25 of their 27 years, we
take exception to your way out of the situation. Not being able to bury our
friends on our property they were picked up by the tallow works, however we
stressed them as little as possible by having them put down at home, I knelt
by my old guy stroking him and talking to him as he took his last breaths.
I wasn't here when Jim put his old guy down but I suspect he did the same.

Putting them back into the food chain is not something I disagree with, but
leaving an old and confused friend among strange horses at a strange place
just isn't the way most people care to treat an friend they've had for many
years -- we have to much respect for life and for what they have given to us
during their life time to do something like this to them.

I agree with the below, and when you drop Meggie off for the lion's please
don't tell us about it.

>Perhaps next time you take an old pony to be fed to lions you would consider
>not posting about it. I find it very upsetting and guarantee I am not alone.