River Run results

Samm C Bartee (bartesc@mail.auburn.edu)
Mon, 17 Nov 1997 17:23:00 -0600 (CST)

HEre are the results from the River Run 25/50

25 milers
71 started 65 finished 12 JR's started 12 finished

1. Linda Antopolsky Rebel
2. Vicki Parker Roar Mine Zameel BC!!!
3. Donna Jackson Georgia Ski
4. Lori Lupi Smokie
5. Angela Milton Chief
6. Susie Anderson Wildwoods Galaxy
7. Mike Bostic Moon Pie
8. Lindsay Bostic Joe Pye Weed JR!!
9. Eddie Edwards Bogie Man
10. Travis Tolbert J.T. JR!!
11. Sharon Anderson Sissi Priss
12. Rebecca Summers El Susa JR!!
13. Julie Cantin Coulis
14. Joe Baker Touch
15. Joanne Baker MHB Nepenthe
16. Daphne Hoffen Little Brave
17. Jackie Baker Daedaluss
18. Melanie Mitchell Ceniso Diamnte
19. Alice Farrar Jasmine
20. Kim Williams Mystiques Image
21. Samm Bartee B Jets War Eagle
22. Michelle Owens Haji
23. Tom Mitchell Azor
24. Jonathan Chambliss Tsivago JR!!
25. Robert Chambliss Bucky
26. Flora Smith Sakute
27. Robert Thompson Irish Blaze
28. Marcia Koster Return Engagement
29. Mike Charron Sultans Avalanche
30. Susan Milam Fly Bye
31. Missy Whitmire RRA El Miad
32. Diana McLemore Dugan
33. Jerry Romans Notice
34. Jean Maglio Tessie
35. Terry Stone Star
36. Tracy Behan Wild Risk
37. Jacob Linahan Choice JR!!
38. Willie Linahan Princess Nazeer
39. Stan Reich Dan McLucky
40. Keely Radcliff Khaba JR!!
41. Laura Respess Ego
42. Chase Crawford Buster JR!!
43. Kay Faulk Baby
44. Katie Maddox Macho Doc
45. Kristin Bean Champ JR!!
46. Barbara Charron Anemone
47. Carla Tibbitts QH Bint Abba
48. Shari Branson Boone
49. Pauline Groh Tia maria
50. Ann Toth Rosie
51. Becky Bockoven Comet
52. Rachel Vick Counts Rage
53. Sarah Brantley Abayi JR!!
54. Sarah Perry Honey JR!!
55. Kathy Powers Shoshoney
56. Erin Brantley Rocky JR!!
57. Joylen Carlson DW Rybbons
58. Melissa Carlson Bay City Miss JR!!
59. Connie Andrews Silk Kemona
60. Cindy Treece Taz
61. Ginny Cohenow Pacasso's Cha Cha
62. Gary Breitweser Tess Vteshamour
63. Jayne Seawright Cheyenne
64. Kathy Dandridge Apache
65. Kathy Bragg Leo

The pulls were all for Lameness except for one rider option--the girl that
got hurt on trail.

50 Miler

36 started 33 finished 3 Jr riders, all finished!

1. Weebie Guilebeau Allegory 3h 28m
2. Adele Dennard Glisser 3h 28m
3. Christi Johnson Bukkura 3h 29m JR!!!!!
4. Wesley Crowe Fackt 3h 29m
5. Doron Matmore Ainur 3h 50m BC!!
5. Jean Matmore CCR Cherabasque 3h 50m tie with above
7. Kathy Kissick KK Furino 4h 02m
8. Peggy Jordan China Doll 4h 02m
9. Claire Summers Shalaleigh 4h 03m
10. Mary Yager Mr. Snickers 4h 40m
11. Kathy Armstrong EC Laninaa 4h 45m
12. Dawn Ruth-Larson Baron 4h 52m
13. Marilyn Horstmyer Wineglass Spritzer 4h 53m
14. Aven Jeffers Persjan Bandit 4h 56m
15. Roxanne Ciccone Ahminn 4h 56m
16. Vicki Doler Midnight Challenge 4h 56m
17. Talitha Thompson CH Bay Nisr 5h 12m JR!!!
18. Laura Szeremi Bluridge Falcon 5h 12m 1000 mile horse now!!
19. Harry Parker Sha-Tess 5h 18m
20. Anita Carlson Pachivy 5h 22m
21. Rudy Watkins Dalai 5h 31m
22. Bud Gleason Rebbles 5h 31m
23. Benita Watkins Chevis Salon 5h 31m
24. Sonya Williams Fyre N Flame 5h 31m
25. Jane Larrimore Chelsea 5h 31m
26. Lawton Johnston Dawns Michigan 5h 32m
27. Pat Sager Winsong Naema 5h 32m
28. Cynthia Bell Wameco 5h 35m
29. Jewel Griffin DMD Desert Victoria 5h 56m
30. Jean Wonser CPF Zywy 5h 58m
31. Ann Lane Samtina 6h 06m tie
31. Laura Nielson Full Sail 6h 06m tie
31. Lynn Carlson WA Cinzano 6h 06m tie JR!!!

the three pulls were 2 for lameness, 1 for metabolics

as usual, if I misspelled anything, butchered any horses names, etc, it's
my fault completely. The real results were mailed into AERC by ride
management, I only have my copies!!:-))


Auburn, Al. SE Region
SIR REVEL--1305 miles and........!!!
B JETS WAR EAGLE--endurance newbie
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