Re: Shorties last ride

Zebella (
Mon, 17 Nov 1997 14:36:55 -0700

Jane Sheppard wrote:
> Old Shortie was real excited to be going for a trailer ride this morning.
> She was whinnying to the others saying
I think when we got to the Wildlife waystation and old Shortie saw the
lions and the other old horses she was a little puzzled

I'm sorry Jane, do I understand correctly that you took your old pony
that you owned for 20 some odd years, to a holding pen to be
slaughtered for lion food??????

I don't have a problem with the carcass going to the lions, but I
couldn't imagine dumping one of my beloved old horses at a
slaughterhouse where they would be killed with a bolt gun. Or are they

At the very least I think they deserve to be put down with a familiar
person or horse near them and in their own pasture. Maybe she was
whinnying goodbye to her friends and family.

I'm sorry, but this was the most coldhearted thing I have read in ages