Shorties last ride

Jane Sheppard (
Mon, 17 Nov 1997 13:10:51 -0800

Old Shortie was real excited to be going for a trailer ride this morning.
She was whinnying to the others saying "See!!! I get to go to rides too!"
She was showing them that she too gets to have fun. I think when we got to
the Wildlife waystation and old Shortie saw the lions and the other old
horses she was a little puzzled but there was a full manger of hay and it
kept her interest. They bought Shortie for me when I was 10, but she was an
ugly looking pony and when she dumped one more time in the cactus I traded
her to my sister for the pretty pony. I kept a grudge for 20 years because
of the cactus and wouldn't ride that ugly thing.Shortie raised all the
babies of the other mares and only had three babies of her own. When we
were weaning meggies little colt 2 months ago He would nurse off shortie
and I swear she had a smile on her face. But Shortie got old timers and
didn't seem to recognize her friends. I retired her officially from being
ridden just last year, but she had done her last endurance ride at the age
of 28 as she taught my son the ropes of going fast and free. I didn't like
riding Shortie but we had an agreement about being friends on the ground.
The old girl lived her last years with me.She just kept getting uglier but
I had come to love her. So we took her to the Lions this morning. I wish
her only the best in the next life and I just wish Meggie would quit
calling her. Jane

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