trotting pavement etc

S. L. Spangler (
Sun, 16 Nov 1997 12:58:52 -0500

I've just started riding my 6yo Spanish mustang mare on backroads, as
opposed to the usual trails thru woods and meadows. Most of the roads are
gravel, some paved. Last outing we trotted about six miles, walked about
four, and she acted unfazed by it all, still wanted to go, but one front
fetlock got a little warm and faintly puffy. She slid around a great deal
whenever we had to go downhill on pavement, too, so we mostly picked our way
along the roadside, ditches and all (she has ordinary flat steel shoes.) My
farrier said something about road founder being a risk for riding on such

Should I consider rim pads? Condition more slowly? What to do about
slipping on hardtop? Any other words of wisdom?

(BTW, we LOVE our Desoto we got used from Barby Reeser! Only took four
years to get the perfect fit!)

Many thanks,

Sally and Misty the little bitty grulla (