Absorbine Ultrashield flyspray

Glenda R. Snodgrass (grs@theneteffect.com)
Fri, 14 Nov 1997 11:37:19 -0600 (CST)

> Absorbine Ultrashield (fly spray that lasts for up to a week)
> when I recieved the Greenhawk catalog -of course, now that
> winter is here I guess I will wait until spring to purchase it!

It only lasts up to a week if you don't hose it off or sweat it off! If
you ride your horse every day like I do, that stuff is a waste of money.
You spray him, ride him, he sweats, you hose him off, the flyspray is
gone! You gotta spray him again. When I only rode on the weekends, the
Ultrashield worked pretty well, but it's not for regular riding. Now I
use the natural stuff that I make myself (recipe in the Ridecamp archives)
-- much more value for the money.

Glenda & Lakota (25 down, 1000s to go!)