rule question

Sheree D Nikstaitis (
Thu, 13 Nov 1997 13:07:34 -0800

Hi ! I am a new subscriber and new to the endurance field, although not
new to breeding, training and showing arabs. I live and work on a small
farm in Nor.Ca which has been in the arab business for over 20 years, and
I own a couple mares which are definate endurance prospects, but one
being bred and the other being too young (2 1/2) I have some time to wait
and learn a few things before I delve in to actually competing.
I have a question for anyone out there regarding bred mares competing in
endurance events. Is there a rule prohibiting this? I read once that
there was, but it was not from an "official" source so I really have no
idea. Granted, anything over 5 months of pregnancy would be taxing but I
see no reason why an early-stage bred mare could not compete, were she
properly conditioned.
I would appreciate anyone's input on this, and also if there is anyone
subscribed to this that lives in the N.Ca - redding area I would like to
get in touch with you and maybe put together a "conditioning co-op" to
train together this spring.