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Truman Prevatt (
Thu, 13 Nov 1997 16:20:40 -0500


Issue 1:
I have an item that has been requested that we take up. For smaller rides
the SERA "two vet rule" puts quite an impact on ride management. We almost
had the Panther Run cancelled this year because of the small number of
riders that pre entered and the added cost of two vets on site.

I know there are many good reasons for this rule, but it dose really put a
crimp into smaller rides. Is there any way we can refine this rule and
still meet the intent of the rule?

Issue 2:
While we can't do anything about it at the present, I have some concerns
about the FL classic this year. Dee Meyer is going to require the entire
fee for the ride to be paid up front two weeks prior to the ride. She is
going to close the ride two weeks prior and refunds will only be made with
a written "excause" from vet or MD.

There are also some other problems which have me concerned. Because of the
fire incident at the campgound last year the forest is very relucently
allowing Dee to use the same area this year. Given the flakey nature of
the head ranger there I think there could be problems. The second problem
is if there are insufficient riders I believe they will cancel the ride.
In this case there will be a lot of people with their money tied up and no
clear refund policy written as to how much (should be all) or the time
frame (should be immediately) for refund.

I know we probably have no business "micromanaging" ride managers, however,
I am concerned about the potential impact to the riders. What do you

Issue 3
I thoght you were going to give out entry(s) to the Gothe Challange at the
Gold Rush. Did you and to who?

Misty is scheduled to foal sometimes around convention date. The vet thinks
she is right on schedule - she better be she looks more like a whale than a
horse. I won't be able to make the convention and stay married. Is there
anything I need to do or any issues that are going to come up? I will be
glad to take the FL job again and I'll serve in what every capacity you
want - assuming you are taking the prez job again.

I am planning to forgo River Run and go to Gee Creek instead and do the 75
- this is assuming they are still doing the 75 there. Jordy wasn't really
ready for Longleaf and I want to start getting longer rides under his
girth. My daughter lives in Coker Creek which is close to Gee Creek so I'm
sort of on the hook to go see her. Are you going to Gee Creek? Of course
if it doesn't stop raining (about 6 inches today already), we may be
building arcs.

By the way we are moving to Brooksville, FL is winter or spring. It is
about two hours farther North and it will be a lot easier to get to the out
of state ride - only 3 hours to the state line, rather than 5 hours.


Truman Prevatt
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