Steve Shaw (sshaw@pacbell.net)
Thu, 13 Nov 1997 10:00:06 -0800


I apologize for messing up the AERC stats for this last month. Talk
about grandstanding. Why did AERC have to change to such large type.
Steve Shaw and Cougars Clown did NOT get into 10th place in the West
Regional Standings, nor did we finish first in the XP rides. My apology
to Bev Gray and Dave Rabe the actual winners. Thankfully they are both
ride and tiers and they have to forgive me.

The actual 10th place regional person and horse doesn't, but I apologize
to them too.

I guess I have to tell the story of the Fall XP multi-day ride in Bryce
Canyon that Dave "The Duck" Nicholson and Ann Nicholson put on each
year. 250 miles in five days. George Hall and I tried to ride and tie
it on Cougars Clown this last September.

And that is how it all happened.

I'll tell it over a series because it is too long a story for one shot
here, maybe that will extend my apology, public censorship and penance.

Steve Shaw