Re: HELP I know this is an old subject..

Susan Evans Garlinghouse (
Tue, 11 Nov 1997 13:45:49 -0800

Hi Sigrid,

If you can get the formulation of the feeds in the complete feed the
mill has, and post it to me privately, maybe I can offer a few
suggestions of how it would suit endurance horses. In the meantime...

1) I DO NOT suggest feeding beet pulp as a complete ration!!!! Yes, it
is technically possible, but PLEASE, people, beet pulp is not a complete
substitute for hay! Beet pulp is great stuff, but let's not go
overboard with it, please? (Sorry, Sigrid, I'm not shouting at you,
just trying to make a point here). Feeding beet pulp as maybe 10-30% of
the ration would be plenty for most situations.

2) I would not suggest adding as much oil as you mentioned. Oil added
to the feed gets exposed to alot of air and so the shelf life is greatly
shortened. You might be better advised to keep the milled fat
percentage low and add fat as necessary in the form of vegetable oil.
That way, the feed will stay fresher, the fat won't go rancid and the
fat-soluble vitamins don't get oxidized.

3) I don't think 25% alfalfa meal and 75% beet pulp is really
advisable. For one thing, you'd have to feed alot to get sufficient dry
matter into the horse. Also, although you can feed a horse exclusively
on a pelleted ration, I kinda prefer still supplying some flake hay for
additional bulk. If you absolutely can't get any hay this year because
of your supplier's foul-up, see if you can provide a little clean straw
for them to nibble at. Worst case scenario, just make sure that the
pelleted feed will supply sufficient dry matter intake (and I can talk
to you about that privately if you like).

Anyway, fear not. Coming up with ration formulations is a piece of
cake, you just have to figure out what feed commodities are
available---what types of hays, grains, etc. Let me know and I'll see
what I can do (we do LOTS and LOTS of this at Cal Poly).

See ya,

I am having a complete feed made up. It is the only thing
> we can do at this point.

> We ran the beet pulp thing buy the mill and they are just not familiar with
> whether the horses would be ok on a combination of 1/4 alfalfa meal mixed
> with 3/4th beat pulp. in a 2 ton batch. The problem is pelletizing it. I
> would add at least 8 to 10 percent fat. My vet has only herd of beet pulp
> being used as a top dressing, not as almost a full feed.
> The formula has been a tested.(which means nothing to me). Foundering and
> gut problems are what the concern is during the winter (tested or not
> tested) when some horses naturally drink less water. Don't think I can
> soak feed for 25 horses twice a day. May be, may be not. Do you thinking
> upping the fat to 6-8 % is enough? (need advice here) In general, my guys
> need more fat than usual in the winter.........
> I know some will be thinking well if you can't provide sell.
> Well, there is NO market here this year.........................Most go for
> slaughter in this neck of the woods and that is NOT an option. Sold my van
> to feed the horses. There is always a way and they are my priority. The
> hay we made this year will be feed to only 2 of the horses................
> We are going over now to find out what companies formula it is, and then
> run it buy you all. Hopefully some one will be familiar with it.
> This is all very new to us. We have always had more than enough of our own
> hay... I take nutrition very seriously.
> Please! Please! Any advice, input, or moral support is needed. This is a
> hashed subject on the list by now. It is a new problem for us, and I am
> working threw being really upset.
> Thanks in advance....
> Sigrid
> The Space Cadet