Magnetic Wrap Story

Kathy Myers (
Tue, 11 Nov 1997 13:38:19 -0800

OK, so this is thinly disguised as an endurance post. I bought a
Norfield's magnetic wrap 7 or 8 weeks ago. Magnum's leg has gone
from being constantly painful to a simple tendon soreness that only
appears now as a minor lameness. He's gone from unwilling to trot
out for the vet to bombing around his paddock as much as he can.
The swelling is totally gone. I'm thinking that he is recovering
faster than he would have without the wrap. So here's another vote
for trying a wrap when healing a tendon injury!

The only draw back:

*** Top Ten ways to tell you left the magnetic wrap on too long! ***

10. You can tune your heart rate monitor into your favorite radio station
9. When you lead your horse he keeps getting stuck on the metal tack sheds
8. No matter how hard he tries, your farrier can't pull the shoes
7. Every once in a while sparks leap between his ears
6. You start making up magnetic wrap jokes
5. For the first time ever, the Aurora Borealis appears in your neighborhood
4. You can use him to power the electric fence
3. All of your husband's roofing nails are missing
2. Every time you go into your horse's paddock he's pointing North

... and the Number 1 way to tell your horse has had the magnetic wrap on
too long:

When you ride under high voltage powerlines, he spins in circles!

:) :) :) - kat myers
in San Mateo (No.) Ca. with Magnum the TB ex-racer
ps... If he *ever* gets to wear another grease pencil number from
an AERC or NATRC ride, I'm NEVER taking it off! :)