Sore sides

Laney Humphrey (
Mon, 10 Nov 1997 08:15:03 -0800

Kris - Where exactly is your horse sore? The location gives a lot of clues
as to the cause.
To me, a "flinch" indicates a deep soreness usually caused by pressure
from the saddle. A sort of "shiver" indicates more superficial tenderness
but any horse is more likely to shiver if touched fairly lightly (like
getting rid of a fly) even if the problem is deeper so you have to repeat
your soreness test several times. Run your fingers lightly but firmly
right along the edge of the spine from withers to loin; if your horse
reacts, saddle pressure is probably the cause. Repeat, moving your fingers
about 3 inches away from the spine. If your horse reacts, the cause is
more superficial, like soap residue. If the problem is further down, I
would guess the cause is either the girth or maybe friction or pressure
from your legs if you have your legs clamped on your horse's sides all the
Hope this helps! Laney